A Fake Artist Goes To New York Review [In-Depth]

A Fake artist goes to New York board game

A fake artist goes to New York is a game for people love drawing, association games, social deduction games and guessing games. It’s elegantly combines mechanics from different board game genres into a surprisingly light and fun game.

How To Play A Fake Artist Goes To New York

A fake artist goes to New York is almost a combination of Spyfall and Dixit. One player, the master, orders a painting by dealing the other players, the artists, cards with his order on it. The order consists of a word that the artists need to draw together. Every artist contributes one continuous stroke to the painting.

The catch is that one player, the fake artist, received a blank card instead of the order and will thus have to contribute to the painting without knowing what he’s supposed to draw. The fake artist and the master win if the fake artist isn’t discovered, or if the fake artist can guess what the order was.

Solo Draw Game Mode

In an alternative game mode, each player tries to draw the order individually. This is much harder for the fake artist because he has no information about the order at all, whereas in the standard game mode he can at least see the lines that the other players already drew.

But at the same time, guessing what the order was becomes easier for the spy because he can guess based on multiple paintings. What we like about this game mode because it allows each player to follow their own creative associations in their depiction of the order.

Fake It Till You Make It?

A fake artist goes to New York is a wonderful little game. If you already own and like Codenames, Spyfall or Dixit, you’ll probably get a kick out of A Fake Artist Goes To New York.