Gift Guide for the Best Board Games in 2021

We have selected the four most giftable board games of 2020: Azul, Dixit, Pandemic Legacy and Codenames.

What makes these board games such great gifts is that they are all:

  • Beautiful
  • New
  • Very popular
  • Affordable

What if my friend already owns this game?

This is unlikely because we actually link to the newer versions of all these games, as we explain below.

And gifting a newer version of a game your friend already likes, would actually be very thoughtful 🙂

Azul: Summer PavilionFor Azul we don’t link to the old Azul base game, but to Azul: Summer Pavilion.

Azul: Summer Pavilion is the new standalone version that the makers recommend you buy instead of the base game, but it also works as an expansion if you do already own the base game. You can read more about it in our Azul versions ranking.

Codenames picturesFor Codenames we don’t link to the original Codenames but to Codenames: Pictures.

Codenames: Pictures is a newer version with pictures rather than words. Almost nobody has it yet, even though (we think) it’s far better still than the original. You can read why we think this in our Codenames versions ranking.

Pandemic LegacyFor Pandemic we don’t link to the original Pandemic but to Pandemic Legacy.

Pandemic Legacy is a newer version that’s also even better than the original. You can read why we feel this way in our Pandemic versions and expansions ranking.

Dixit cardsFor Dixit we don’t link to the original Dixit base game, but to Dixit: Odyssey.

Dixit: Odyssey is a standalone version that the creators made to replace the original base game. And it is also an expansion that adds new cards, new game modes and can host up to 12 players.

And if your friend already owns Dixit, then a Dixit expansion would actually be a great gift. You can read about our favorite Dixit expansions in our Dixit expansions ranking.

Do you have any other gift suggestions?

If you still want to look for another gift we recommend you to browse around on our website.

Especially look at the expansions section, because an expansion to a board game that your friend already owns is always a great gift.

And further look at our best games section in which we list what we think are the best board games right now.

Good luck and happy shopping! 🙂