8 Best Dixit Expansions in 2021 [Ranked]

The saying ‘it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey‘ is probably invented by the makers of Dixit. This card game is one of the best party game out there. The beautiful artwork of the cards and the association element make up for a very fun and engaging game that is suitable for almost all groups of players.

There’s almost 10 Dixit expansions out, so it can be tough to choose which Dixit to get. In this post we ranked them all to help you choose your best Dixit expansion.

A small note to the reader: the Dixit expansions all contain more cards, the mechanics are the same for all Dixit games (with the exception of Dixit: Jinx). Therefore our main ranking criteria are quality and style of the art work.

Also note that all Dixit expansions are fully compatible with each other, but most expansions require a Dixit base game for the scoring.

Our Top 5 Dixit Expansions

Our favorite Dixit expansion is Dixit: OdysseyThis expansion comes in two versions: a standalone version or a regular expansion that needs the base game. The standalone version has components for up to 12 players. Dixit: Odyssey has two game variants that can be played. 

Dixit vs. Dixit: Odyssey

If you do not own a version of Dixit yet, we definitely recommend Dixit: Odyssey over Dixit. The scoring in Odyssey is simpler and more clear than in the original Dixit. And you can play Odyssey with more players. This makes Dixit: Odyssey the best Dixit expansion on our list.

Dixit Odyssey cards

Dixit: Daydreams is the most dreamy Dixit expansion. Its artwork is smooth and absurd without feeling absurd – not unlike typical dreams.

We also love Dixit Daydreams because the longer you watch its cards, the more you see. This is of course true for all Dixit expansions, but we find it particularly true for this one.

For example, did you see right away that the fox is walking into bear traps? Or that the moon woman is pulled by a ghost? Or that the sand castle lady has big waves or flames behind her?

Of course artwork is subjective, but Daydreams is so beautiful, strange and multi interpretable that it leads to some objectively good Dixit games.

Dixit Daydreams cards

Dixit: Harmonies is Dixit with abstract art. The pictures mainly use primary colors and shapes. You won’t find sharp color contrasts or figures that clearly stand out in this expansion.

Harmonies challenges you to get in touch with your immediate associations and feelings. The pictures won’t give you specific items to base your hint on, you always have to look at the picture as a whole. Your hint is therefore more likely to be something like a state of mind, such as ‘at peace’.

Dixit: Harmonies is the best Dixit expansion for learning about people’s feelings, rather than about specific facts that they may know or recognize in a picture. So if you’re into this, you’ll love it.

dixit harmonies cards

Dixit: Revelations is another one of our favorite Dixit expansions. It has a bit more of a theme to it, which seems to be ancient Greece. It has a lot of boats, and bows and artifacts that feel like they might be home in Athens or Sparta.

What works great with the Ancient Greece theme is that many cards seem to be in motion. The artists really outdid themselves in making the pictures seem like a snap shot of an action scene.

What stands out about Dixit: Revelations is that the cards in the set are more similar to each other than usual. For example, your hint can’t just be ‘Achilles’, because there’s several guys that resemble him in this expansion. Therefore, in Revelations you have to go for more specific clues than you can normally get away with in Dixit.

Dixit: Journey is an allround good Dixit expansion. Its cards are similar to those of Daydreams in that they are a little absurd and leave a lot open to interpretation.

We love a lot of the little details on the cards of this expansion. Like, the crazed look in the eyes of the kid in the rain coat. Or the fact that the man feeding the oversized pelican is blind. It’s these kinds of details that provoke a visceral response which can be ammunition for a great clue.

Dixit: Origins is another Dixit expansion without a clearly pronounced theme. What’s apparent is that many of the cards feature humans (or at least: humanoid creatures). And many of the cards provoke a feeling or worry or danger.

The pictures in Origins are quite busy, and usually quite weird, involving monster like creatures. We like to mix the Origins cards in with the cards of the other expansions. Otherwise, with only Origins cards, the vibe of the game becomes a little sinister.

Dixit: Memories is an absolutely beautiful Dixit expansion. In fact, it may be the most beautiful. It has bright colors that pop and sharp contrasts that put large figures in the fore front whilst hiding subtle details in th background.

Despite its beauty, Dixit: Memories is not ranked very high on our list. This is because although the cards are pretty, many of them are also quite straightforward. They aren’t necessarily very open to interpretation.

We still enjoy playing with this expansion. But, the hints tend to revolve more around small details that are designed into the background, rather than personal associations.

We like our cards to be a bit more ambivalent, but if beautiful cards and detail spotting are your thing, Dixit: Memories is the expansion for you!

Dixit harmonies cards

Dixit: Quest is a solid Dixit expansion, albeit our least favorite one. It doesn’t have a very recognizable theme, but many of its pictures revolve around figures you might find in a fairy tale.

Compared to the other Dixit expansions, we find Quest to be a little stale. Many of its pictures are largely empty except for one or two figures on it. Therefore, this is the Dixit expansion we recommend last.

Rounding Up

We hope our ranking helps you pick the best Dixit expansion for you.

If you still have further questions, please send them to us through our contact form. We’re happy to help. We also periodically review and update our posts, so any questions you ask may end up in future versions of our ranking. This way, we can help future readers decide which Dixit expansion to get even better 🙂

Our Top 5 Dixit Expansions