Save Money on Board Games Ultimate Deals Guide [Updated 2021]

Board game deals are available year round if you know where to look for them. So in this post we help you find great board game easily, so your great hobby doesn’t become too expensive.

Always! And sometimes even more so than usual 😉

Basically, retailers offer a lot of discounts on board games during the year, to promote certain games or to get rid of their stock.

And retailers offer big discounts during the holidays to attract customers doing their holiday shopping.

Both of these types of discounts can save you a lot of money (often even up to 40%), so let me tell you how to find these board game deals.

How to find Holiday Board Game Deals

There’s many different holiday promotions, so let’s get into them.

Amazon currently offers big discounts on the Holiday Dash – Epic Daily Deals page. This page seems to be related to the holidays generally, rather than to one specific holiday. If you head over there and select ‘Toys and Games’ in the filter, it shows you the best board game deals that are currently on offer.

We also wrote guides on how to get board game deals for all the major shopping holidays, that you can access here:

These guides list the best board game deals as they become available for each holiday, and tell you where to get them.

How to find 'Normal' and Daily Board Game Deals

During the year a ton of board games go on sale. These regular discounts can still be huge, such as up to 40%. But, sometimes you have to dig a little bit to find these deals.

One good place to find deals throughout the year though, is the Board Game Deals of the Day page on Amazon. Every day of the year this page lists different games that are on sale for that day only.

And there’s actually another page with board game deals on Amazon as well, which is labeled Save up to 40% off Tabletop Games. And this page actually lists different offers than the deals of the day page.

Further, you can find Amazon coupons if you search for ‘games’ on Amazon’s coupon page in the brand names search box, because most board game publishers have ‘games’ in their brand name. And these Amazon coupons then give you a discount on your board games (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot).

Finally, you can also find great discounts if you just search for ‘board game deals’ on Amazon and browse the results.

Are these all the board game deals?

So these are the strategies we use to get discounts on our board games, but we’re curious: where do you find your board game deals?

If you have another great place to look for board game deals, please let us know through our contact form. Then we can incorporate your strategy in the next update of this article 🙂