Best Gloomhaven Insert and Organizer 2021 [Updated]

If you bought Gloomhaven you probably realized quickly that you need a good box organizer. Fortunately, there’s a great Gloomhaven insert available that helps to organize all the equipment into the original Gloomhaven box.

There’s multiple Gloomhaven inserts on the market but the Broken Token organizer stands out. It’s the most comprehensive organizer, it works for both the 1st and the 2nd edition and the Gloomhaven expansion, and it’s rather simple to assemble.

One thing that puts the Broken Token organizer ahead of its competition is that it’s the only Gloomhaven organizer with a dedicated tray for the map tiles. In all the other organizers the map tiles have to be put on top of all the other equipment, which makes the whole box feel completely unorganized.

The Broken Token organizer is also the only officially licensed organizer on the market. That’s super important because it tells you that the Gloomhaven designers approve of this organizer. And you know that the creators of Gloomhaven are getting their deserved commission for each sale of this Goomhaven branded product.

Other benefits of the Broken Token Gloomhaven organizer include:

  • Speeds up set up time A LOT
  • Fits sleeved cards
  • Compatible with the ForgottenCircles expansion

Organizing The Map Tiles - Accordion Folder

Even though the Broken Token organizer comes with a dedicated tray for the map tiles, we still advise to store the map tiles in some kind of accordion file organizer. This is helpful because it allows you to alphabetically store the map tiles, which will increase the Gloomhaven set up time even more.

If you’re traveling around, we recommend storing the map tiles in the Gloomhaven box, just to be sure they don’t get lost or  damaged. But if you’re keeping your box at home we recommend the file organizer.