Dominion: The quickest kingdom in Prosperity

Are you looking for a quick game of Dominion? Dominion Prosperity is our favorite expansion because it enables the quickest games by far.

This kingdom only takes about 15 minutes or 22 rounds. You can also read how to make a quick Dominion deck yourself.

The cards

  • Bank
  • Forge
  • Expand
  • Hoard
  • Mint
  • Vault
  • Quarry
  • Bishop
  • Monument
  • Loan

The strategy

Use Loan, Bishop, Mint and Forge to quickly thin your deck. Pick up Banks and Vaults so you get high purchasing power quickly. Maybe pick up a Hoard for longevity. Sprinkle in the other cards as you see fit.

And don’t forget: this kingdom plays quickly so don’t wait too long before you start buying Colonies.