5 Best Games Alexa Can Play (The Future of Games?)

“Shall we play a game?” If you’re looking for someone to play games with you, why not take on the ultimate challenger – Alexa! Sure, she’s not the WOPR supercomputer from WarGames, but really, that’s for the best anyway (we all know how that worked out).

If you want to play something with lower stakes than Global Thermonuclear War, look no further than your living room – there are tons of great games you can play with your own personal home assistant, Alexa. We’ve put together a list of our top five favorite Alexa-enabled games right here:

Our Favorite Games to Play With Alexa

Get ready for a little Vegas action, all from the comfort of your own home. Alexa can deal you a virtual hand with the “Blackjack” skill.

She’ll read your cards aloud and ask you if you want to hit or stand…it’s as simple as that! You start each game with 100 virtual “coins” you can bet (and lose).

Play a few rounds and see if you can make the high score list, ranked against other Alexa Blackjack players from all around the world. They say the house always wins – but if it’s your house, that’s okay, right?

Missed your D&D night, but still want your weekly dose of fantasy and storytelling? Let Alexa be your Game Master with the skill “The Magic Door”.

In this game, Alexa guides you through a choose-your-own adventure story with a fun fantasy twist. Work together with princesses, gnomes, wizards and more as you follow a series of engaging prompts and explore a detailed magical land – no dice needed.

This one has the added benefit of being completely family friendly, so even the little ones can join in. It’s the ultimate, interactive bedtime story!

If you’re one of those people who always yells at the TV screen while watching the contestants miss seemingly obvious questions on Jeopardy!, now’s your chance.

The “Jeopardy!” skill gives you the opportunity to test your knowledge of sports, pop culture, history, geography, literature, and much more! The clues are based on the actual show categories from that day’s show – which means the game updates every single day with new questions and categories, including extra content for Double Jeopardy!, Teen Jeopardy! and more.

Make sure you check in each morning in order to play along with the latest challenges. What is a totally addictive Alexa skill?

Love escape rooms, but trapped in your own room right now? Test your detective skills with the Alexa skill “Escape the Room”.

It offers several different escape room scenarios of varying difficulty for you to play through – in each one, it’s your job to explore the room, investigate items, solve puzzles, and more in order to make it out safely.

Challenge yourself to think outside the box in order to escape the room with this creative, unique Alexa skill. And if you like escape room games, make sure to check out our list of the best escape room board games here!

Sure, you’ve already bought a copy of Skyrim for your PS3, PS4, Xbox, PC, Switch, and Oculus Rift…but you haven’t really experienced Skyrim until you’ve experienced it for Alexa.

With the Alexa “Skyrim Very Special Edition” skill, you once again take on the mantle of Dragonborn in order to clear dungeons full of draugr, fight dragons, learn shouts, and of course – eat entire wheels of cheese. Guard your knees, adventurers – having to actually shout your shouts is a true gamechanger.

Alexa, play games with me?

Our favorite virtual home assistant can do so much more than keep your grocery list and turn your lights on and off – she’s also the perfect gaming partner!

In addition to our favorite games that we’ve listed here, you can explore the entire Games & Trivia skill category to find tons of great games you can play with Alexa, with no equipment needed beyond your own voice and your Amazon Echo product of choice.

From traditional card games to audio versions of full Triple-A studio video games, there are more gaming options than you could ever imagine on this device – and available to you with just a single word…Alexa!