One Night Ultimate Werewolf Review [Updated 2021]

One Night: Ultimate WerewolfOneNight: Ultimate Werewolf is number one in our list of the best social deduction games. It packs deception, betrayal and lying elegantly in a short game that’s fun for all parties.

One Night Ultimate Werwolf is also relatively easy to learn and there’s several expansions to keep you playing night after night!

How To Play One Night Ultimate Werwolf

The game starts when players get dealt character roles. Each character has its own abilities.

In the night phase, players secretly perform their character actions (the seer sees, the robber robs, the werewolves see look at each other, etc.).

When everyone wakes up it is day and at the end of the day the players will vote who gets killed. The player that gets the most votes is killed. If the killed player is a werewolf, the villagers win; if the killed player is a villager, the werewolves win. That’s it.

Is One Night Better Than The Classic Werewolf?


One Night manages to pack 100% of the deceptive fun of the classic Werewolf game into a single night. So the major upsides of One Night are that it takes much shorter (10-15 minutes) and that there’s no player elimination, because there is only one night.

Furthermore, in Werewolf the beginning of the game can be boring if you’re a villager because you have almost no information. In One Night, most villagers have special abilities (such as the seer and the robber). And in One Night it’s important for villagers to lie often, and villagers often have the deciding vote. Therefore, all players will try to convince them of their story and they have to judge who is lying. So vanilla villagers aren’t boring in One Night.

Is One Night Worth It?

Yes! One Night Ultimate Werewolf is our favorite deception game. It’s simple yet intricate. With its hidden roles and deception it re-imagines what board games can be.

Whether or not you played the classic Werewolf game before, you ought to try One Night Ultimate Werewolf.