The biggest mistake players make in Dixit

Dixit can be one of the most fun party game there is. Unfortunately, people often (accidentally) play the game in a way that makes it less enjoyable for their fellow players. The mistake they make is to use inside jokes that not everyone gets. An inside joke is a joke that is only understood by some people. For instance, if you joke about an event only a few people attended or about a person that is not known to everyone. If I play Dixit with my in-laws, they often describe their cards like “uncle Rob”, because there is a rabbit on the card and all the family members know that uncle Rob had rabbit-like teeth. But I have never met this uncle Rob so I just have make a blind guess this round. The same thing occurs when two players share the same hobby; often one of the sports. The players give sports-related descriptions that only the other player understands. They get a lot of points, because they are the only ones getting the hints, but it is no fun for the rest of the players. Dixit is mostly about enjoying the game and good company, and not so much about winning. Make sure that everyone in principle could at least understand what your descriptions about. That way everyone can be part of the game every round. > Click here to buy Dixit on Amazon