Which Dominion Expansion To Buy Next?

People often ask  in what order they should buy the Dominion expansions or which expansion they should get next. This depends on two factors: quality and complexity of the expansion. You basically want to buy the best expansions first, but you don’t want to get the most complicated one first.

We recommend to buy Seaside as your first expansion. Seaside is a extremely simple and yet an absolutely fantastic expansion. It might have the most well designed cards of all expansion sets.

For your second, third and so forth expansions, we recommend to buy them in the order they appear in our list of the best Dominion expansions. This way you make sure that you get the biggest bang for your buck. Also, some of the more complicated expansions (such ad Menagerie) are a bit lower on that list, so you’ll meet those when you’re ready for them.

If you’re still not sure which expansion to get next, feel free to ask us for specific recommendations through the contact form. We usually reply the same day.