Black Friday 2021 Board Game Deals [Updated]

This article is part of our series How to Save Money on Board Games, in which we explain how to get board games on a discount.

Black Friday is here! And there are some crazy deals available on some of our favorite board games:

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day on which many retailers offer the biggest discounts on their products of the year. They mostly do this to attract customers that are doing their holiday gift shopping. 

Historically, Black Friday has been mostly a U.S. holiday, but in recent years it has really picked up in countries all across the globe.

Black Friday is thus an informal holiday and it takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is the 27th of November in 2020.

How to find Black Friday Discounts on Board Games?

Again, the most convenient way is to scroll to the top of this very page, where we list our favorite Black Friday board game deals. But if you want to go on the hunt yourself, there’s three ways you can go about it.

The first is to go the aforementioned Black Friday Deals page on Amazon (or another retailer of your choosing), and then search through those offers to find board games.

The second is to go directly to the Board Game Deals of the Day page on Amazon. There you’ll find all discounted board games, including those discounts that are related to Black Friday.

So the second method is better if you only want to see board game deals, but the first method is better if you want to shop around for other Black Friday deals as well.

And the third method is to just search for ‘board game deals’ on Amazon. This doesn’t seem to list all the available deals, but it’s the easiest way to go about it.

Where else can I find great deals on board games?

We’ve got you covered: in our article How to save money on board games we tell you all our best ways to get board games at a discount.

Happy bargain hunting!