Cyber Monday 2021 Best Board Game Deals [Updated]

Cyber Monday is coming up soon! In 2020 this annual holiday sales event is set on the 30th of November.

This article is part of our series How to Save Money on Board Games, in which we explain how to get board games on a discount.

Cyber Monday is an informal sales event during the holiday season, on which e-commerce retailers offer huge discounts on their products.

The holiday was created by e-commerce platforms as a digital variant of Black Friday (even though nowadays most e-commerce platforms also participate in Black Friday).

For consumers this means that Cyber Monday is a great time to score deals for their holiday gift shopping.

Where do I find Cyber Monday Deals?

Cyber Monday is such a huge event that it will be hard for you to miss the deals that e-commerce platforms have on offer.

For example, Amazon has a Cyber Monday Deals page, on which they already start listing their deals on November 25th.

Where to find Cyber Monday Board Game Deals?

We’ll list all the Cyber Monday Board Game deals right here on this page, so the easiest way to find the big discounts is to keep an eye on this page.

If you want to look for discounts yourself, you can find them on the Cyber Monday Deals page on Amazon, and just browse through the pages until you find board games you’re interested in. This also gives you a chance to do your general Cyber Monday shopping.

If you’re only interested in board games though, the other way is to go to the Board Game Deals of the Day page on Amazon. This list includes all the Cyber Monday deals, but also all other discounts.

What Cyber Monday Board Game Deals are available now?

Unfortunately there are no Cyber Monday Deals available yet (after all, we have to go through all the Black Friday board game deals still).

We’ll monitor the board game deals as they come on offer though, and we’ll list them right here on this page (so bookmark us!).