Prime Day 2021 Great Board Game Deals [Updated]

Amazon Prime Day is here! We already searched Amazon for you to get you the best Prime day board game deals (updated today on October 14th).

If you want to look further for discounts yourself, you can easily access all Prime day Deals on Amazon.

And don’t forget to sign up for your 30 day free Prime trial to make yourself eligible for these Prime day deals!

This article is part of our series How to Save Money on Board Games, in which we explain how to get board games on a discount.

This Risk edition includes a two headed dragon and is playable with Amazon Alexa!

Imploding Kittens is the first expansion to the widely popular game Exploding Kittens!

A new take on the classic Clue game to spice up your detective work!

Sonora is an absolutely beautiful flick and write game that explores the Sonora desert.

In Machi Koro you build your own city and collect taxes to further expand it. It’s the perfect game for families.

Best (non-Prime Day) Board Game Deals

We notice that many board games have huge discounts today, but not even Prime Day discounts. We’re not sure why, but it seems like many sellers just decided to offer their own big discounts to piggy back on all the Prime Day publicity. And some of these discounts are even bigger than the Prime day discounts.

These are some of the board games that we’ve seen on big discounts today (October 13th 2020):

And we’re sure we missed some great board game deals still, so make sure you browse board games on Amazon so you don’t miss any deals during this Prime Day event!

Best Party Game Deals

Spontuneous is the best song based party game ever. If you’ve seen Pitch Perfect and love the riff off, this is the best party game for you!

We all love Exploding Kittens, right? Taco vs Burrito is an equally hilarious party card game.

Outrageous is an hilarious party game. It’s similar to Cards against Humanity, but more family friendly.

Off Topic is a perfect party game. Write down answers (slightly) related to the topic and debate your friends on why it is related to the topic.

Guess what your friends are thinking that you think they think. Double Ditto is a party game of double psychology.

Bad Choices is the ultimate party game. It’s the card game version of Never have I ever.

Kids against Maturity is the kids version of the highly popular Cards against Humanity.

What Is Prime Day?

Prime Day is an annual event that Amazon organizes to promote Amazon Prime. Amazon offers huge discounts on popular products for Prime members.

In addition to this, Amazon offers a 30 day free Prime trial. So they’re really trying to lure as many people as possible onto their Prime platform.

How do I become eligible for the Prime day deals?

Anyone can participate in Amazon Prime day. The only catch is that you need to be a Prime member.

Fortunately, you can sign up for a free Prime membership. The free trial lasts 30 days, which is more than enough to score some great deals during Prime day and the preceding weeks.

Supporting Small Businesses on Prime Day

During Prime Day there’s a 10$ discount on small U.S. business products. How it works is that if you spend 10$ on a product from a small U.S. business, you get a 10$ voucher to spend on anything else.

So you can effectively give free support to that small business, and you get yourself something nice too. We already compiled a list of small business board games eligible for the 10$ discount that you can buy today.